Surviving the Allergy Season

Apr 25, 2020

By Joan Langford, Area Sales Manager & Healthcare Advisor

Spring has arrived and such a wonderful time of the year . New life is emerging on lots of different levels and the poet Virgil describes it eloquently . "Now every field is clothed with grass and every tree with leaves ; now the woods put forth their blossoms , and the year assumes its gay attire ".

For most of us who enjoy being out in the fresh air this sounds like an idyllic time of the year and it is, but for those who suffer with allergies it can make life a real misery .

Symptoms range from:

  • Itchy eyes
  • Runny nose /Nasal congestion
  • Scratchy throat and sometimes an irritating cough  
  • Hives / Rashes to name but a few

1. Keep an eye on the pollen count and if possible download an app that will keep you updated on pollen levels in your area . Wear sunglasses as pollen can get trapped in contact lenses. Applying a natural balm to the inside of each nostril can also capture the pollen entering the nasal passages .

2. Keep windows and doors closed .

3. Remove clothes you have worn outside and shower to rinse all pollen of your skin. Don't hang laundry outside as again pollen with stick to sheets and towels .

4. Try and reduce stress as this can raise cortisol levels which can lead to an amped up allergic reactions .

5. Diet is aimportant as sugar can cause an inflammatory effect in the body , also avoid mucus producing foods like dairy or processed ingredients. Hayfever sufferers are advised to eat foods rich in omega 3 and 6 which can be found in nuts , seeds and oily fish . These foods contain anti inflammatory properties which may help reduce the symptoms.

There are numerous different herbal remedies to help alleviate the symptoms , below are a few of my favourites:

  • A Vogel Pollinosan tablets are a homeopathic medicinal products used within the homeopathic tradition to relieve symptoms of hay-fever and allergic rhinitis .They are non drowsy and can be used alongside other hay-fever remedies . (Suitable for over 12 years ).
  • Alongside this you can also use the Pollinosan nasal spray .It works by cleaning and rinsing the nose of pollen , dust and other allergen particles , restoring the fluid and moisture in the nose . (Suitable for 6 years and over).
  • A Vogel Eye drops can help alleviate itchy irritated eyes.

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