Alan Martin-Managing Director

Alan has been with Wholefoods since 2008 and took up his current role as General Manager in 2018.  Alan was appointed Finance Director in 2015 but he would have played a strong supporting role to other managers in the business in areas such as Warehousing, Procurement & HR. Alan has always been intrigued to see the impact that IT systems & Business Process Reengineering can have on developing the business and his IT acumen dovetails neatly with his core financial competencies.  Previous to his roles within Wholefoods, Alan worked as a Management Accountant for 10 years with a large Irish multi-site retail group, this was a perfect complement to his current role and gives him some appreciation for the challenges faced at retail level. 

A "True Blue" hailing from the North side of Dublin's fair city, Alan takes a keen interest in all sports but Dublin’s Gaelic footballers take pride of place.


Kylie Burke-Information Systems Director

Kylie has been part of the Wholefoods team for 21 years but her love of the health industry began much earlier on. Kylie grew up in a family where healthy eating and the use of natural products were the norm and vegetarian meals were enjoyed at least 4 times a week. When she was 14, Kylie began working in her local health store in Athlone which was owned by Quentin Gargan, founder of Wholefoods at the time and says she probably ate more sesame sticks than she packed!  Kylie started her Wholefoods career in the warehouse, she then worked as a sales rep before becoming office based where she handled many administrative matters from pricing to promotions. Kylie’s attitude was if something didn’t have a pigeon hole or it had a plug to pass it her direction so the progression into the area of IT was somewhat natural. Kylie is a graduate of DBS with a degree in Management and Information Systems and also holds a qualification in project  management.

Kylie is a keen scuba diver and loves to travel.


Paul Gaffney - Technical Director

Paul joined Wholefoods in 1999 having previously managed a health store and therefore has a wealth of industry experience. Having previously managed the purchasing team, Paul has recently taken on the role of regulatory expert and provides our suppliers with advice on the use of ingredients and packaging claims when launching new products in the Irish market. 






David Morrin-Commercial Director

David joined the purchasing department of Wholefoods in 2005. After a few years he became the Purchasing Manager but recently moved into a Commercial Manager position, that allows him have more regular contact with customers. David has a keen interest in sales and marketing and enjoys working closely with suppliers and retailers to help develop brand sales. David knows first-hand what our customers are looking for when it comes to natural products, and has a great eye for sourcing the latest brands brought to market. He relishes working in a busy and fast paced environment where each day brings fresh challenges. David comments, "I love the industry I work in and am excited to see how my new role develops in the years to come.” David has a Master's degree in Strategic Management from UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.

David’s best friend is his son Spencer and is looking forward to Spencer being old enough to properly enjoy the Harry Potter movies! David is sick of Paw Patrol.




Ronan O'Flynn-Commercial Manager Health Store & Pharmacy 

Ronan joined Wholefoods in 2011 with a long established sales and marketing background in both health and fragranced giftware, making him a strong asset to the Wholefoods team. Ronan loves building relationships with buyers and brands, and working closely with national accounts. He has a desire to share his knowledge of natural supplements, cosmetics and “free from” foods with retailers. Ronan works closely with buyers and category managers to bring Health & Wellness to every part of the store.  Ronan says “The consumer is beginning to take ownership of their good health. Retailers are responding, taking a holistic approach to the wellness revolution and featuring natural products throughout the store, in every category. Wholefoods are uniquely positioned to work with our partners to drive healthy sales – with our knowledge and training!”

Ronan has a BA (Hons) in Sociology & Economics from Maynooth University.  Ronan has a true passion for all things  sport related. Lucan Sarsfields GAA and Special Olympics Basketball have a special place in his heart. 


Maria Quinn-Office Manager

Maria has been a valued member of the Wholefoods team for almost 29 years and has worked in every department of Wholefoods, making her one of the best known staff members throughout the trade. From picking orders and packing pallets to managing returns and even running deliveries with the drivers, Maria remembers a time when orders were only taken on a Wednesday and picked on a Sunday.  In her time, Wholefoods has relocated 3 times as the company grew and expanded. Maria has a wealth of knowledge and insight into the workings of  Wholefoods which helps colleagues and customers alike on a daily basis. Maria manages the office based sales team and provides guidance to all other departments. 

A lady of many talents, Maria is an Irish dancing champion and also the winner of a Camogie Fheile. Eventually, Maria had to give up Camogie to pursue her Irish dancing career.  A genuine animal lover, Maria has 3 dogs. 




Triona Fadden-Accounts

Triona joined Wholefoods in 2001 but says it feels like yesterday as she loves it so much! Triona started her first job at the age of 16 in An Óige (Dublin International Youth Hostel), which she says inspired her love for nature and the outdoor life. When Triona started in Wholefoods, she felt as if she had landed her dream job as she found herself amongst products she loves to use on a daily basis and people who shared her outlook on a healthy lifestyle.  Triona opts for earthy food and produce in her daily life but believes that one of life’s greatest tonics is to surround yourself with great people and nature. Triona manages accounts administration and ensures that staff, supplier and banking transactions are all looked after. 

Triona is a Yoga and Pilates enthusiast and a keen gardener who grows a plethora of fresh produce in her allotment. She feels at her happiest when she is at one with nature be it hiking the Camino or embracing a mountain Yoga session. Triona believes in a holistic approach to health and regularly arranges health days for the benefit of Wholefoods staff.


Joe O’ Donohue-Warehouse Manager

Joe has been part of the Wholefoods team since the early days when Wholefoods was located on Sheriff street. With 30 years experience in the business, Joe is the glue of the company and has worn many hats in his time from mechanic to welder to picker.  It was not uncommon for Joe to help out with deliveries and show up in Monaghan or Waterford as everyone helped out where needed, with office staff regularly assisting with picking orders with a pen and paper.  Staff were given a chance to work in the area that they had an interest in and as such pursue the professional experience they desired. For Joe, it is the people he has worked with who share a genuine sense of ethics for the products Wholefoods distribute and the customers who are supplied that has inspired the love of Wholefoods as a company.  Joe manages the warehouse staff and oversees all the daily workings of the warehouse.

A keen and talented chef,  Joe is responsible for the annual Wholefoods BBQ. 


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