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Mar 09, 2016


Post Birth Healing: Most Mums and many maternity hospitals are very aware of the benefits of taking Arnica prior to childbirth to help reduce bruising and to speed up the healing process. However, it is important to continue taking it after childbirth to enhance the healing process and speed up recovery. Arnica is also very safe for both Mum and baby if you are breastfeeding. It has been taken for many years by large numbers of breastfeeding mothers and there are not considered to be any risks associated with its use in this way.

Energy: Low energy levels are a common complaint from new Mum’s. Not surprising when they have just been through the experience of childbirth and also the sleep deprivation that comes with a new baby.  Taking a good B complex such as Quest supplements, would be beneficial to boost energy levels as well as soothing any fraught nerves.  Many new Mums may also be suffering from low Iron levels perhaps due to natural blood loss during delivery. A good natural Iron supplement such as Spatone would help to boost the Iron levels, helping to alleviate the lethargy and also help the healthy production of milk for breastfeeding Mums.

Emotional Health: Becoming a new Mum is a joyous time but can also be a difficult time emotionally with hormone levels adjusting after the birth, sleepless nights and the sometimes overwhelming feelings of responsibility for this tiny bundle. Jan de Vries Flower essences can be very useful at this time as they are so safe, effective and easy to use. They can be used singly or as blends. A few that may be useful include Walnut for times of change, Elm if you feel you have too many things to cope with. Gentian can be beneficial if you find that you are taking small setbacks to heart and Red Chestnut if the Mum is over anxious about the welfare of the baby. Combination blends such as Mood Essence and Confidence Essence by Jan de Vries are also options and convenient.

Immune Health: The last thing new Mums need is to succumb to colds and infections so a strong healthy Immune system is vital. As sleep disruption and added stresses with a new baby tend to be inevitable in the first few months, taking a few simple supplements may be a good idea. It would be a good idea for Dad to give his immune system a boost too, as he will inevitably be feeling the effects of sleepless nights.

Molkosan Vitality is fermented whey containing L+ Lactic acid which creates optimal conditions in the gut for friendly bacteria to thrive. Of course we know that 70% of our immune cells are found in the gut so it is important that these flora are in good shape to ensure a strong immune system. A.Vogel Molkosan Vitality also contains extra fibre and it ensures that digestive enzymes are working efficiently. Overall the benefits include a stronger immune system, reduction in digestive symptoms such as constipation and bloating, improved energy levels and metabolism. Molkosan is very safe and easy to take.

In addition, Vitamin C is safe and beneficial to take while breastfeeding. Elderberry also has antiviral properties and is very safe to use. Stocking up on Vitamin C rich foods such as blueberries, blackcurrants and other berries, kiwi which can be added into muesli/ yoghurt and having Vitamin C rich vegetables such as broccoli and spinach which are very easy to cook.

Kyolic Garlic: “The new super food” is specially aged and odourless garlic which could particularly useful for new Mums who do succumb to a cold or infection. It has strong anti- microbial properties and had been shown to be very effective for cold & flu, respiratory infections, sore throats and yeast infections.

Hair Loss: Hair loss or the deterioration of the quality of the hair can be another side effect connected to pregnancy suffered by new Mums.  It is not uncommon with approximately 40- 50% of pregnant women affected and it mainly tends to occur post delivery. The good news is that it is temporary and hair growth is normally back to normal within 6 months. Many women may wish to give it a helping hand and Silica is a very important mineral involved in the production of keratin, which will enhance the thickness, quality and shine of the hair.  Hubner Silicea capsules contain 400mg of this important nutrient in an easily absorbable form and it is just taken once a day!


Natural products for baby’s sensitive skin: Earth’s Best baby is paediatrician tested and approved. Earth’s Best are fully committed to 100% natural products.  All products are free of mineral oils, petroleum, drying alcohols, PABA, isopropyl palmitate, laurel/laureth sulfates, aluminum chlorohydrates, pore clogging ingredients and other known irritants and environmentally hazardous materials and animal by-products.  Their Diaper Relief Ointment is a great product to protect and soothe baby’s bottom from chafing and irritation.  This cream will also provide a protective barrier between baby’s skin and wetness.

Baby Massage: Regular massage can help keep a baby relaxed and well and may be useful in helping to relieve colic in babies. Organic oils should always be used on babies and essential oils should be used in low dilutions. Atlantic Aromatics Baby Massage oil is a gentle and soothing blend with low dilutions of Lavender and Camomile created for babies from 8 weeks plus. Massaging the tummy gently in a clockwise direction may be helpful in relieving colic. This massage blend is suitable for sensitive skin.

 Teething Baby: Homeopathy is often used in babies as it is so safe and has a long history of use. Chamomilla is the remedy of choice for babies suffering with symptoms such as drooling, biting, irritability and sleeplessness. Nelsons Teetha is a 6c homeopathic potency of Chamomilla in a ready dosed granule form, which simply dissolves in your baby’s mouth where it gently helps to ease the pain of teething and relieves discomfort. Teetha is also available in a gel which can be rubbed into baby’s gums. Both the Teetha granules and Teetha gel can be used together for added relief.


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