New Year, New You by Wholefoods Nutritionist Nicola Murphy

Jan 01, 2018

New Year, New You by Wholefoods Nutritionist Nicola Murphy

The first step is to make sensible and attainable New Year’s resolutions. How many years have you made a long list only to have given up on them all a few weeks in? The most important thing is to build new habits that will last throughout the year. Ease into your New Year health regime. The most important thing to do initially is to stimulate recovery in the body after all the over indulgence.

Reduce the burden on your digestive system: It has been under tremendous stress coping with copious amounts of food over the festive season. Imagine it is estimated that the average person eats at least 6,000 calories on Christmas day alone! Is it any wonder that bloating and constipation result? It is time to cut out the processed junk food. Introduce plenty of fruit and vegetables into the diet. Aim to drink 1.5 litres of water per day. Try taking some A.Vogel Molkosan Vitality 7 Day sachet pack, a pre-biotic made from whey which will help resolve any problems with bloating and constipation and in turn will enhance energy levels.

Rescue your liver: After all that mulled wine and bubbly, your liver will feel a bit battle worn. A complex of A.Vogel Milk Thistle and A.Vogel Dandelion together can help restore an overburdened liver by flushing out toxins and encouraging the growth of new liver cells. Also try drinking the juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm water first thing every morning. This can gently aid the liver detoxing process as well as reducing acidity in the body.

Get moving! Many people take to the gym with gusto in January but often enthusiasm burns out after a few weeks. Try taking gentle steps by getting out walking or cycling first. The cold and darkness of January can result in far from optimal energy levels so it may be a good time to boost your reserves of energy essential nutrients. Terra Nova Life drink contains highly absorbable vegetable proteins, supergreens such as wheatgrass and broccoli sprouts, a huge selection of berries, mushrooms, essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes and probiotics. This perfectly balanced superfood blend provides a fantastic array of beneficial nutrients This should certainly give you the get up and go to get your body moving! If powders don’t appeal to you it may be worth trying the Higher Nature Advanced Daily Nutrition pack which contains a multivitamin, essential omegas and high strength Vitamin C in ideal daily blister strips. This is a convenient form which will help support optimal health, stamina and energy!

Lose the bulge naturally: One of the most popular New Year resolutions is to lose weight. For some a few extra pounds may have crept on over the Christmas period but unfortunately for others they may be more stubborn long term residents. New Year provides the ideal time to start afresh! Of course working on incorporating natural fresh foods into the diet and banishing the junk foods almost entirely from the diet is essential. Allow yourself the odd treat. Balancing blood sugar levels is key to controlling cravings. Try eating protein with each meal as it slows glucose release from carbohydrates. Jerusalem Artichoke can be a wonderful little helper as it helps to stabilise blood sugar levels, thus conquering cravings and boosting satiety. Tackling the emotional aspect of weight gain can be the key to success for many. Do you find you are reaching for food despite not being hungry? Are you eating more because you are stressed, tired or sad? If you feel this is the case you may benefit from the help of flower essences. The flower essences Chestnut bud, Crab apple and Cherry plum can help deal with emotional or comfort eating. They can help prevent you repeating the same mistakes or overcome the fear of losing control of your diet.

Quit the bad habit! Every year millions make their New Year resolution to quit smoking. The health benefits are fantastic but kicking the habit for good is not an easy task. Willpower of course is essential! It may help to visualise the positives – fresh skin, no more hacking phlegmy coughs and better energy and fitness levels. Many feel they need something to take the edge off the cravings so a flower essence combination called Jan De Vries Craving essence may be beneficial. It can help those who feel trapped by the habit, enhance calmness and support the commitment. Rescue Remedy spray is also great to keep in your handbag or pocket when you feel anxious when craving a cigarette while trying to quit the bad habit.

So here’s to a healthier happier and energised new you!

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