Natural product recommendations for Sneezing Season!

Mar 23, 2017

Natural product recommendations for Sneezing Season!

Did you know 160kph = speed of a sneeze

So what exactly is an allergy, and how do you decide whether you have one or not?

The immune system normally acts to protect the body from foreign harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses. A true allergy occurs when the immune system responds to a substance that is not normally harmful. It is over sensitive and releases chemicals that result in a reaction. A substance that causes such a reaction is called an allergen.

A.VOGEL POLLINOSAN Luffa Nasal Spray works by rinsing and cleansing the nose of hayfever causing allergens. It also restores fluid and moisture in the nasal passages, making the nose feel soothed and more comfortable. Safe to use long term as it has no damaging effects on the nasal passages. Suitable for those who wear contact lenses and children 6 years +. Also available in tablet form.

HIGHER NATURE QUERCETIN & BROMELAIN complex was formulated to provide optimal support to your immune system. Bromelain is an enzyme extracted from freash pineapples, while quercetin is an antioxidant plant pigment known as a flavonoid. It may help to support heart health, reduce the risk of heart disease, improve circulation and provide relief from hay fever.

A.VOGEL EYE DROPS contains Hyaluronic acid which is very moisturising as well as Euphrasia and can be used to relieve dry, irritated or tired eyes. These drops help soothe and maintain lubrication of the eyes and are suitable for use whilst wearing contact lenses. The unique bottle design keeps the contents sterile without the need for preservatives, ensuring that the product can be used as often as needed, lasting up to 3 months once opened.

TERRA NOVA QUERCETIN NETTLE COMPLEX contains herbal ingredients providing antihistamine and anti-inflammatory benefits for the ultimate natural approach to seasonal allergies and their symptoms.

A.VOGEL SINUFORCE This natural nasal spray from A.Vogel provides quick, effective relief of catarrh, nasal congestion and a runny nose. Whether it be a cold, flu or allergies that are irritating your nose and causing horrible congestion, the Sinuforce Nasal Spray can help. Safe in pregnancy.

QUEST VITAMIN C as an anti-histamine, vitamin C reduces the effect of histamine produced by the immune system. Histamine is responsible for many of the symptoms of allergies such as Hay Fever.

HIGHER NATURE SALTPIPE is a natural inhaler which brings the benefits of salt mine therapy to your home. It has been known to help everything from asthma and hay fever, to chronic snoring. It can also help if you suffer from shortness of breath, severe coughs and colds, or the effects of a smoky, polluted environment.

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