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Throughout the colder months, it’s all too easy to fall victim to winter colds and flus. Here, Jackie Newson from Higher Nature shares some of her favourite ways to support our bodies’ self-defences.


Immune +

As the evenings grow longer and the days get frostier, now is a good time to support your immune system. There are lots of naturally protective compounds found in plants that are available to us, so these key nutrients have been picked to give maximum winter protection. Taking just 2 Immune + tablets a day packs a potent punch of vitamin C, zinc, blackcurrant, bilberry and black elderberry to ensure a sneeze free winter!


Citricidal – grapefruit seed extract

As usual during the winter months our immune systems are subjected to an onslaught of germs, determined to knock the wind out of our sails. What’s needed is a powerful anti- bacterial and anti-viral remedy to counter any nasty attacks. This is the time to turn to grapefruit seed extract, which contains phytochemicals that can help support the immune system during challenging times. Citricidal is available in liquid drops or easy to use tablets.


Colloidal Silver

It’s easy to pass germs around in the winter especially amongst families where everybody’s touching and using the same things. Hands are the biggest spreader of germs so washing your hands frequently helps. You can also double up on germ prevention by using Colloidal Silver – this handy spray can be used all around the house, on work surfaces and places like door handles that are frequently touched. Colloidal Silver contains 99.99% pure silver and is free from heavy metal contamination.


Fizzy Vit C

It’s universally known that vitamin C plays a key role in our immune system and several studies have now shown that it can reduce the duration of winter colds. It’s also great for reducing fatigue which often overwhelms us as the days get darker and shorter. Taking an effervescent drink like Fizzy Vit C supplies a generous 1000mg of vitamin C in a delicious tangy orange flavour. Unlike many others on the market, it’s also free from artificial colours and sweeteners.



Vitamin D3 Spray

We are sorely lacking in sunshine at this time of year, which reduces the amount of Vitamin D our bodies can produce. According to studies, vitamin D ‘triggers and arms’ the immune system, so having low levels can seriously compromise our immune health. Supplementing is an easy way to keep levels topped up until the sun comes out again. Vitamin D3 is particularly well absorbed and comes in an easy to use minty flavoured spray that lasts for over 4 months, taking you right through winter into spring!



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