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Zerochol: Plant Sterols To Help Reduce Cholesterol

Zerochol is a 100% natural supplement containing plant sterols to help lower cholesterol levels.

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Product Description

Zerochol is a natural food supplement made from plant sterols. The European Food Safety Authority confirms that plant sterols can help lower cholesterol in just 6 weeks. Structurally similar to cholesterol, plant sterols can reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the gut by competing with cholesterol to get absorbed. When you consume a Zerochol tablet with a meal, the plant sterols present in Zerochol reduce the absorption of cholesterol from your intestine into your body.
Zerochol is a 100% natural food supplement manufactured by Innoceutics in Belgium. Innoceutics refers to ‘Innovative Pharmaceutics’ (innovative health products). Innoceutics is established in the IIC of Ghent University. From the start the founders of Innoceutics opted for natural products with a strong scientific basis. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved plant sterols as an effective way to manage cholesterol.

Benefits & Features:
• 100% Natural
• No secondary side effects
• Only 2 tablets with your main meal required
• No known interaction with prescription drugs
• Reduces the absorption of cholesterol from your intestine into your body
• Free from gluten, dairy, sugar and safe to be used alongside other medications including statins

Directions for use:
Simply take 2 tablets daily with your main meal. You can take a third tablet with your breakfast or lunch if the meal is high in cholesterol. By taking Zerochol with your meal, the free plant sterols help to inhibit the absorption of cholesterol from the meal.

• Zerochol is not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding or for children under 5 years of age.

Size: Product Code:
60tabs 19940

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