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Nourkrin Post Pregnancy – Hair Growth Supplements

Nourkrin Post Pregnancy nourishes the hair and supports the normal hair growth cycle.

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Product Description

Nourkrin® POST PREGNANCY – For the normal maintenance of hair growth, is specially calibrated to help maintain
natural, beautiful hair for new mums.

Benefits and features:

• Nourkrin® POST PREGNANCY – FOR HAIR MAINTENANCE is a safe and drug-free OTC supplement
that proactively supports the normal function of the Hair Growth Cycle. This means that you can proactively provide the support required for your hair to maintain top quality, optimal appearance and its ability to grow normally – BEFORE the onset of a problem.

• Nourkrin® POST PREGNANCY – For the normal maintenance of hair growth, is completely safe and 100% drug free.

Marilex® (fractionated fish extract with specific lectican proteoglycans), ferrous fumerate, D-biotin, bulking agents (microcrystalline cellulose; calcium hydrogen phosphate), stabilisers (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose; talc; glycerol), glazing agents (magnesium stearate), colours (titanium dioxide).

• 1 tablets daily for a minimum of 6 months or until satisfied with results, (1 tablet in the
morning taken with water after food)

• Always read the label. Not recommended for those allergic to fish. May contain traces
of shellfish.
• Always read the label

Size: Product Code:
30tabs M1904

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