Natural Valentine’s Day Alternatives


Despite the fairly consistent reminders over the past few weeks, there always seems to be someone who forgets the big day! Roses may be scarce or you may just be looking for an alternative gift, as such we have compiled our top suggestions to show your special someone you care this Valentine’s day.romance-pack-shot-no-bg


Set the mood this Valentine’s day with Absolute Aromas Romance blend. A fusion of Ylang Ylang and Rose with the exotic aroma of Jasmine, will tantalise the mind and excite the senses. It is deeply restful for the mind whilst stimulating a natural balance to the male and female hormones. To create a sensual aroma, place 6 drops with water (depending on the diffuser) into an Oil Burner or Aroma-Diffuser to create a warm, amorous atmosphere. To create a sensual massage oil, blend 6 drops of Romance with 10ml of carrier oil then massage from top to toe.  1


Emily Fruit Crisps combine the goodness of fruit with the crunch of a crisp. The founders Alex and Emily, discovered the method of making the crisps in a vacuum to preserve all the goodness whilst travelling in Far East. Alex named them after Emily so he could see her name wherever he went. Each packet has a little poem on the back too!rosewater-hbl300



If you are struggling to find a bunch of roses, substitute JĀSÖN Rosewater Body Lotion instead. It naturally delivers deep, long-lasting hydration. PH balancing Rosewater tones and purifies, while natural Aloe Vera gel and sunflower oil nourish dry, over-stressed skin. With use, skin is naturally softer and perfectly balanced. JĀSÖN Rosewater body lotion will allow the beautiful floral scent of roses to follow you throughout your day.



Pukka Love tea is an intoxicating blend of organic rose, chamomile, elderflower and lavender. Whilst it makes a tender and soft brew, each cup also carries with it a true story of love. Sebastian, Pukka’s herbsmith created this combination to woo his partner, who is now his wife.




Faith in Nature’s range includes a chocolate shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and foam bath. A luxurious blend of Extract from Organic Cocoa Beans and Vanilla is infused with sage to nourish your senses. The perfect way to indulge in chocolate without any guilt!



If you’re worrying about pre-date jitters Rescue Remedy is perfect to take a moment with! The sugar-free RESCUE PLUS Lozenge combines Pantothenic acid, better known as Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B12, with the RESCUE essences in a soothing lozenge with a natural orange and elderflower liquid centre. This combination of B vitamins has been specifically selected to support your daily performance even on busy days. Pantothenic acid (B5) helps support normal mental performance & Vitamin B12 helps maintain normal psychological function.rescue-lozenge-no-background



You can pick up all of the above at your local health store. 

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