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TERRANOVA’s Green Child

Seven years after the wonderful adult Terranova range, the long awaited new children’s range called Green Child is available.

Using the same principles of Terranova, Green Child is 100% vegan, additive free, gentle and enriched with plant ingredients. When choosing a nutritional food supplement for children, why not choose the most natural and pure plant based product available.

Many of the wholefood ingredients in Green Child products are either certified organic or ethically harvested. As throughout the entire Terranova range, the plants are fresh freeze dried which is an amazing method of retaining all the plant’s nutrients, enzymes and other valuable compounds. Fresh freeze drying provides the next best thing to fresh plant material.

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Almost all children’s supplements on the market are laden with “in-active” ingredients such as binders, sweeteners, flavours and colours. These ingredients don’t belong in supplements at all, especially those intended for children. Green Child only delivers a pure and clean option that your child will get the best out of it for overall health.

The Magifood complex which is so unique to Terranova is a powerhouse of ingredients used in each of the Green Child products. Magnifood supports the absorption and function of the vitamins and minerals in the product as well as providing other valuable compounds. In other words your child is going to get a superior plant based product that actually works.

Green Child has four products for children aged 4 to 12: Living Multivitamin, Friendly Microflora, Vitamin D3 and the award winning Sneaky Greens Super Shake. Three of the four products are in a mini capsule form that can easily be opened or can be swallowed as a training capsule. Any of the products can also be mixed together in juice, smoothie or yogurt .


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Green Child Living Multivitamin is a gentle combination of vitamins, minerals, DHA and synergistic wholefoods. DHA is a valuable omega 3 fatty acid that is important for the child’s brain and eye development.  There are 8 wholefood ingredients which complement the other nutrients.  Children go through rapid periods of growth and development which increases their need for vitamins and minerals.  Parents cannot always guarantee the child’s diet can meet those needs. By taking the Living Multivitamin it can fill in those nutritional gaps. It is an all-rounder product for children’s energy, immunity and wellbeing.

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Green Child Friendly Microflora is a dairy free, probiotic for children. It contains approximately 1.5 billion good bacteria per capsule and are the most researched probiotic used with highest benefits. The probiotic also contains a prebiotic called FOS and four wholefood ingredients which enhance the activity of the microflora. This is a gentle probiotic for after antibiotics, building up immunity and enhancing the child’s general digestive health.


Vit D3 400iu 50caps resized



Green Child Vitamin D3 400IU is an encapsulated vegan sourced D3. There is massive research highlighting the importance of vitamin D especially for children. It is combined with four wholefood ingredients which once again enhance the nutrient. Vitamin D is vital for a healthy immune system, strong bones and teeth.


Sneaky Greens Super Shake resized

Green Child Sneaky Greens Super Shake is a nutrient jammed powder blend of wholefood ingredients such as power greens, veggies, berries and probiotics. Most children’s supplements in powder form contain flavours and sweeteners to make the product more palatable. However Sneaky Greens tastes delicious without the need of nasty additives. The Lucuma fruit enhances both the taste and the nutritional value of the shake. The probiotics are a clever addition to enhance the absorption of the other fresh freeze ingredients in the blend. Parents already know the super benefits of the power greens such as green barley grass, wheatgrass juice and spirulina so now there is a way to sneak those greens into children. This is such a great product for the fussy eaters, active children and those needing a good boost for going back to school.

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