Teapigs Iced tea

Teapigs Iced Tea

What’s so great about teapigs iced teas

100% natural, less than 3 calories – teapigs whole leaves give you a punchy refreshing flavour – they taste amazing – Less than 3 mins to make – Look impressive- Nice to have something home-made rather than buying sugary bottled drinks – So different from making teas out of a paper bag – you get lots of flavour and a nice, clear liquor – not the wishy washy cloudy stuff you’ll get using a paper bag. Whole leaf is best hot and iced!


  • Grab your favourite teapigs tea temple
  • Pop your tea temple in to a jug or glass – 1 per person
  • Cover with hot water – Leave to brew for 3 minutes plus
  • Top up with cold water and ice
  • If you fancy, add some fresh fruit, berries, ginger or mint leaves – for extra oomph and prettiness Enjoy… it’ll be delicious


Our favourites:

  • Super fruit – with fresh red berries (and some passion fruit if you want to be really fancy)
  • Liquorice and mint – straight up – this one is punchy and refreshingly sweet as it is
  • Lemon and ginger – with lemons, limes and some extra ginger
  • Darjeeling early grey – with a slice of lemon
  • Mao feng green tea – with cucumber, mint and lemon


Teapigs Tips:

All of these things work a treat to bring out the flavours in teapigs whole leaf teas… give them a go and see what you like best! – a squeeze of orange, lemon or lime – some passion fruit – some fresh ginger – some fresh mint – crushed berries – angostura bitters – a bit of honey – elderflower cordial – a splash of your favourite tipple…

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