Stop and smell the roses:

This is a story of love. A story of love between Stacey and Jack. Stacey’s had her eyes on her colleague Jack for some time now and turns to natural remedies to win him over. Will Jack ask her out in time for Valentine’s Day?




January is an utter contrast to all things December. For me, the sparkle and sense of joy that embodies everything festive is quickly replaced by the desire for self-improvement the second the clock strikes midnight on the 31st. This year I have really embraced the concept of ‘New Year, New Me’. Well to a certain extent anyway, I consider it more like a software update as opposed to a complete overall and I am proud to say I have been buffering quite well for the past month and a half.

I have become such a regular in my health store that I now get a cheery welcome every time I enter. I am now rather proud of my product knowledge to thanks to the helpful staff. I have developed my hobbies and now am an avid knitter, well I have mastered the art of wonky scarf creation. My first visit was an utterly baffling one, whereby I ended up clinging to a pack of Quinoa wondering whether I was meant to eat it or pop it in the bath. My new pals took pity on me and now I am well versed on all the products on offer.

I have been getting my 5 a day, trying new supplements, getting regular exercise and now as a little reward to myself I have switched my focus to Valentine’s Day. With my new found natural living, I have decided this year to secure myself a date with a little help from Mother Nature. This genius plan has come from chatting to my health store buddies who admittedly were not trying to help me create a natural man trap, but what can I say I’m all about thinking outside the box. The first part of my fool proof plan was to identify my target, this did not take long by any means as I have worked with Jack for the past 5 years, with his sandy hair and bright green eyes, he was an easy choice.

I have started bringing in subtle hints when I know that we will be involved in the same meetings. Last week, our schedules were very much aligned so I made sure that I used Jason Rosewater Invigorating Satin Body Wash and the matching hand and body lotion. My goal? Well first and foremost, soft hydrated skin which Jason naturally provides. Secondly, I wanted to remind Jack that Valentine’s Day was fast approaching by bringing the delicious scent of roses into the conference room. I am fairly confident it worked a charm too because after about ten minutes, people started asking aloud if we had changed the air freshener in the room recently!



I’ve never been one to embrace drastic change, I enjoy routine and consistency in all aspects of my life. Each new day seems to greet me with a new recommendation for healthy living as soon as I open up a paper or go online and each day I quickly shun them. I strive to get my 5 a day, exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet. Having a typical Irish meat and two veg upbringing, I tend not to veer towards what I consider ‘tropical’ foods or supplements.

The usual buzz of Valentine’s Day has taken over the office and the air is ripe with jittery anticipation and the fear of rejection. It is a bit infectious and I have found does result in a wandering eye, which I have noticed increasingly landing on a new girl. She must only be here about 6 weeks, but isn’t hard to miss with the chunky statement colourful knitted scarf she wraps around herself every day. She is always rambling on about her new product find of the week. If anyone else were to go on so much I would find it very difficult to stomach, but her animated glow manages to draw me in and I find myself hanging on her every word.

I think it is going to take something a little bit unique to win over Stacey, so I need to start getting creative… after this meeting though. I am greeted by a lovely floral breeze, I must ask the cleaner what the new air freshener we’re using is called.


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