To sleep per chance to dream

To sleep perchance to dream

There’s been a great deal of stress and anxiety about, both during the boom and now more especially in our post-boom reality.  One of the effects of this is that many people are having problems getting to sleep and staying asleep.  This leads to a spiral of more stress and more anxiety not to mention the danger of dosing off at the wheel while driving.

If we are in this kind of spiral there is much we can do to help ourselves.  Fitting in a good walk on the way home from work, replacing coffee with an herbal tea, taking some good deep breaths, joining a meditation class have all been found helpful.  My favourite herbal tea is Rooibos (or eleven o’clock tea) tea.  It is caffeine free, rich in antioxidants and low in tannin.  Peppermint and Earl Grey are two other of my favourite herbal teas.  I find that not drinking coffee makes me less stressed during the day and helps me to sleep better at night.

Important in helping us get to sleep is our bedtime routine.  Switching off the TV (watching stressful TV may be a hindrance in getting to sleep), getting in our jammies, taking off the makeup, brushing our teeth, this sort of regular routine is giving our bodies the clear message’now we are getting ready to sleep’. Being consciously relaxed while doing this bedtime preparation can be helpful too i.e. slowing down and being aware of what we are doing rather than having our minds racing over what we need to do tomorrow.

A big fear with taking sleep medication is that it can become quickly addictive.  This is not the case with Dormeasan, a tincture combination of Valerian and Hops.  For those over eighteen it can be very helpful in helping to get off to sleep and to have a good quality sleep.  Those who are on medication should check that it’s Ok to take Dormeasan or could try the milder Bach Rescue Night.  Both remedies are available in healthfoodstores and pharmacies and Rooibos tea is available in healthfoodstores nationwide.

Granny Gabrielles sleeping tip of the week – Try A.Vogel Dormeasan, Valerian-Hops Tincture.

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