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Welcome to Gran’s Corner and thank you for taking the time to remind yourself of simple, easy ways of feeling good and whole and healthy. May you and your family thrive, may you be healthy, wealthy and wise and may you always remember we are embedded in nature and and are in constant connection with her and may we all walk gently upon the earth.

Until very recently the wisdom of maintaining health within the family was passed on from one generation to the next. Mothers wondering about keeping their children healthy went to their own mother or grandmother for good advice. The knowledge grew and expanded with each generation. As well as the inherited family wisdom and experience grandmothers read about herbs, good nutrition, and health maintenance. Many could not afford to go to the doctor so knowing how to keep the family healthy was of primary importance.

We live in a different world today – everything is massively speeded up. We ‘get there’ much faster, we often eat ‘fast food’, we want information, and even test results, ‘yesterday’. Despite all this ‘fastness’ our bodies haven’t changed much and in Gran’s Corner we remind you of calm quiet ways of staying healthy, ways that keep us in tune with what’s best for our own and our families long term health. Simple things like not wearing damp clothes, not going out with wet hair, getting enough sleep, nourishing ourselves with fresh air and exercise.

We remember the importance of eating whole, fresh, organic foods and we understand that natural remedies are better tolerated by our bodies than heavier medicines.

We remind ourselves of the importance of taking quiet time, even a few moments every day to calm our minds. We don’t forget the importance of eating root vegetables and warm soups and stews in wintertime.

We remember and acknowledge our ancestors whose lives, work and knowledge brought us to where we are today.

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