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Getting better in Thyme for Valentines

This is a story of love. A story of love between Stacey and Jack. Stacey’s had her eyes on her colleague Jack for some time now and turns to natural remedies to win him over. Will Jack ask her out in time for Valentine’s Day?

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I have been so focused on my natural love challenge 2016 that I barely realised that I have developed a little cough. It would be my luck that as soon as Cupid’s arrow is ready to strike, I end up a spluttering snotty mess. Hopefully, A.Vogel’s Ivy Thyme Complex will get me back on track in enough time for the big day.
I’m nuts about you?


After work I head down to my local health store to see what mystical object I could give Stacey. I figure no-one has probably done something like this before and I am hoping it will give me an inclination as to how me asking her out would go down. I am feeling a bit apprehensive by the time I reach the door…..I have always had the perception that health stores are dusty, cluttered hovels so when I walk through the door I am pleasantly surprised. I nervously nod at the warm greeting that I am welcomed with, the fresh clean atmosphere and the display of colourful products that cheerfully line each shelf. I have absolutely no idea what I am looking for….I know I want something quirky that will both get a smile and earn me some brownie points. I spot a bag of chickpeas and start to wonder how I could spin it “hey Stacey, be my chick?”. Shocking. Next, I see a jar of Almond Keen Nut Butter and again my mind begins to whirl. “I’m nuts about you”, “I’m keen to ask you out?” I might be onto something with this one and I have to admit that I also want to try it so I buy two jars and head out of the shop, taking a mental note of a few other products I would like to try again. It is only as I am walking down the road that I realize I have survived my first trip inside a health store.



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