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Ashley’s Food Challenge – Day 1

During the month of May you’ll be able to follow me on my journey recreating dishes from Irish food influencers! Sounds all well and good, but I should probably give you a little bit more information on why I’m doing this and why it’s such a challenge for me!

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I’m Ashley and I’m in charge of all things social and digital here at Wholefoods. Every day I research trending health topics, amazing recipes and repost, repost, repost! Like everyone else, I love food – but even though I work in the health industry and have such amazing products at my doorstep, I still choose the wrong foods to eat! So I felt it was about time to start practicing what I am preaching online! And hence this ‘challenge’ was created!

So what is this so called ‘challenge’? Well I have to make everything I eat from scratch and only using inspiration from Irish Food influencers – through recipe books or blogs! That’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – all handmade!! Ahhhh! For some people that’s part of their daily lifestyle – well if that’s the case with you, I’m really jealous!

I’ve been really spoiled too. I still live at home and lucky for me my parents serve me dinner every evening! And that’s why this is such a challenge – I can’t cook! I’m a master at cooking eggs & toast but that’s just about as far as it goes! Over the past few years I’ve also become a victim of this ‘convenience lifestyle’, where I get the lovely ladies from O’Briens to make my lunch for me every day!

So to start this challenge off this morning I opened Clodagh Mc Kenna’s new recipe book ‘Clodagh’s Irish Kitchen’ and made myself Baked Eggs & Salmon. The end product was unbelievable! It was mouth wateringly delicious! However, the process of making it was ‘typical me’! I was unprepared. Opened the page ‘Baked Eggs 5 Ways’ and thought to myself – eggs, easy!

food prep

I preheated the oven to 200 degrees, greased my oven dish with butter (ended up using far too much butter – lesson learned!) and cracked cracked both eggs into the dish! Phew phase 1 went down swimmingly!

 Salmon eggs uncook

Looked down through the choice of toppings on the page and I chose to add some salmon to my dish (it was the only topping on the page I actually had in the fridge!) Diced my smoked salmon, placed it into the dish then it came to adding the tablespoon of single cream & chives – I had neither. So there I was rushing this morning to get this dish created before I went to work, oven pre-heating, eggs and salmon in the dish and I didn’t have the rest of ingredients. I was stuck. Racking my brain, I just decided to add some milk and mixed herbs and placed it into the oven! I had no idea what was going to happen to my breakfast!

10 minutes later. My eggs were cooked, seasoned it with A.Vogel’s Herbamare and there I had myself a delicious, easy to make, healthy breakfast! Thank you Clodagh!

 end dish

They say you learn something new every day. For me this month I’ll be on a complete learning curve. Follow me as I see how easy or difficult it is to recreate dishes from Irish foodies and hopefully I might inspire others to change their eating habits or have a second thought about the kind of food they are putting into their body!

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  • Colette
    May 31, 2015 at 11:52 am

    Well done you. Keep it up. Colette

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