Don't Call the Pizza Delivery guy for councilling

Don’t Call The Delivery Guy For Councilling

It’s time to take control!

Have you ever faced upheval or change in life in addition to an unexpected life event that did not allow you to achieve your aims or feel happy?

Who hasn’t? It is so common and quite frightening to say the least. However, that does not mean we are trained to cope with life’s stressors in a mindful, positive way.

Have you ever tried rapid weight loss or extreme dieting programmes? The cabbage soup diet comes to mind! Often we embark on such paths as a result of a turbulent life event…Loosing weight or building muscle to become super hot after ‘the break up’…? I know that I’ve felt like I have failed during times of upheval similar to this.


Here is where I empower you…


Failure is life’s way of informing you to change your game plan! So consider your previous game plan: When you began that extreme diet, which promised large amounts of weight loss in a very short time frame your body identified this and unfortunatly entered into starvation mode. When in in this state the body actually stores fat and burns muscle! This slows allows your body to slow it’s metabolism and prepare for when food should be available again. Pretty horrifying if we consider that we are not actually loosing fat.

So avoid the leeches of the health industry – fad diets and exercise regimes  which ultimatly result in gaining weight. These are not a game plan that allow your body and mind flouirsh in constant small successes all year round.

Awaken your inner power and write down anything that you have previously partaken in, which has resulted in low self-esteem 1-2 months later. Remove it from your life & burn the sheet of paper. You are worth more than fad diets, over the counter apetite reducing pills or extreme exercise regimes. I’m well aware that nothing worth waiting for comes easily however happiness is the journey not the destination. So only emabark on a game plan that allow you to smile every single day.

So, consider Robert Collier’s mantra,

“All power is from within and therefore under your control”


Here is where I boast about two incredible products…


Two fantastic products that will surely promote your wellbeing are  Terra Nova Life Drink and A. Vogel Milk Thistle.

Firstly, I was introduced to Milk Thistle by my absoloutly amazing Cranio Sacral Therapist many years ago when I faced a lot of stress and upheval as a stubborm and hormonal teenager. It works to remove toxins from the liver. Very important in removing those bad boy chemicals that we find all to easily in our food chain! Alternatively, if you’re stressed (like me half the time!), after a course of anti-biotics or even if you have had one to many drinks at the weekend milk thistle is your go to remedy.

Secondly, Terra Nova Life Drink fits perfectly in with my ambitions of promoting wellbeing, removing fad diets and getting people to exercise in a positive environment. The Life Drink is just bursting with ingredients that are sure to detoxify your body.

I would suggest using the drink as an addition to a balanced meal as it is very important to be mindful of the benefits of sitting down and enjoying delicious healthy food with family and friends. I just love a belly ache from laughing too much with mates! Still, if you’re in a rush or heading to an early morning training session this is the drink for you. I may sound a bit boastful but the drink has been extremly good for my very turbulant and gaseous stomach, while my mid-twenties acne has really cleared up.

Simply put, the benefits of Milk Thistle and Life Drink reminded me that it is important to understand wellbeing and the need to take care of your body during times of stress as opposed to calling pizza delivery guy for councilling.


Written by Leah Moore

Leah holds a Masters degree in Sports Sciences specialising in Sport Psychology from Brunel University, London. Leah works as a Sport Psychology Consultant with various sports teams. She also works with temas as an athletic development and speed coach, while she is also a Level 4 Personal Trainer. Leah also works with The Q Café Company as a Business Wellbeing Consultant to increase employee happiness & productivity through healthy food, motivation seminars and exercise prescription.

Leah has written for the prominent sports psychology website focusing on athlete welfare, positivity and body image. She has gained much of her insight into health & wellbeing from her extensive experience as a 100-meter and 200-meter sprint athlete.


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