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With more and more emphasis on the dangers of too much sugar in our diets, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to resist tucking into sugar laden treats to keep cravings at bay. I’ve recently discovered that most savoury foods are packed with this little evil which to be honest shocked me as I was of the impression that it was sweet that we needed to worry about! One of my favourite treats is Nutella spread on crackers. Having recently discovered that Nutella has 5.5 teaspoons of sugar per 2 tablespoons I was a little sad to tell you the truth so I set out to find a cleaner, healthier and reduced sugar version of this delicious chocolate and Hazelnut spread. I came across some recipes online and tweaked them a tad to find a recipe that suited me. This took me 5 minutes to make and the taste is incredible. (I am eating it from the jar with a spoon as I type- No lie!) I am now on a mission to find healthier, low sugar versions of all my favourite sweets and treats! I hope you enjoy.

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Clean Nutella.



100g Plamil Dairy Free drops

4 tbsp. Vita Coco Coconut Oil

2tbsp. Biona Agave Syrup

2 heaped tbsp. of Rainbow Raw Cacao

2-3 drops Vanilla Extract

50ml Almond Milk

250g Rainbow Roasted Hazelnuts

Clean nutella ingredients blog



  • Pop Hazelnuts into blender/ food processor and blend until butter like consistency.
  • Melt coconut oil and chocolate drops together in the microwave and add to hazelnut mixture. Blend again until ingredients combined.
  • Add Raw Cacao Powder, Vanilla, Extract and Agave syrup and blend again until smooth.
  • Transfer mixture to clean container and enjoy this chocolatey treat Guilt Free!!!


Ps. if you are using Hazelnuts with the skins on you need to roast them for approx. 5-6 mins and transfer to a clean tea towel and rub the tea towel between your hands to loosen skins.






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