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I’m sure all the grannies reading this corner will remember when ‘giving up’ for Advent was as common as ‘giving up’ for Lent.  Sweets, biscuits, chocolate, and cake; even jam or honey would all be sacrificed as part of the preparation for Christmas.  Not such a bad idea, it turns out, coming up to a time when many eat too much, to cut down a bit for a while.

November can be a tricky time, the days are dark, the nights long, and energy may be low and the incentive to exercise low or non-existent.  We haven’t got into the pre-Christmas panic yet but we are missing the golden days of autumn and hoping it won’t be long till springtime.

To support us in these dark days we need to take plenty of care – eating good hot nourishing food, soups and stews, porridge in the morning; including some  spices in the cooking which can make it more tasty but are also good for us – ginger, for example, cayenne pepper, chilli peppers, all nice  warming spices known to have beneficial effects.

Adding seeds to our breakfast – ‘Breakfast Topping’ from the Irish ‘Super Life’ company is my personal current favourite.  Containing organic Cacao Nips, Goji Berries, Organic Sundried Mulberries, Chia Seeds and Hulled Hemp Seeds, I find it delicious and nourishing as well as very tasty – those cacao nips, no doubt!

What about the giving-up thing though?  Well, with the tendency to comfort eat and the disinclination to exercise, keeping an eye on those refined carbs at this time of year is a really good idea.  Giving up the aforementioned ‘treats’ which we know are not good for us in any case helps us feel a bit better, and anything that helps us to feel better in November is a good idea.  So, it’s a yes from me then to the old Advent idea of giving up sugar, jam, etc.  It also gives our poor overworked Digestive tract an opportunity to cope with what we are eating before we put it under the strain of Christmas party season.

If you have decided that you want that virtue fix in the run up to indulgence season, Craving Essence from Jan de Vries may be helpful.  A simple and safe remedy it can be taken by anyone who may have a craving for those sweet and unhelpful ‘treats’.  More information can be found on these remedies on the Jan de Vries website. Chromium has also been found to help with those cravings and A.Vogel Molkosan Original or Molkosan Vitality can be a great help in enhancing the functioning of our digestive tract.   Taking a teaspoonful of the Original or a sachet of the Vitality, I found, helped with my sugar cravings and improved my digestion.

It is certainly the case that not all ideas from the past contained wisdom but some, including, ‘giving up’ some of the refined carbohydrates coming up to the rich partying and overeating season of Christmas is certainly a wise idea.

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