romance in a renault

Absolute Romance in a Renault

This is a story of love. A story of love between Stacey and Jack. Stacey’s had her eyes on her colleague Jack for some time now and turns to natural remedies to win him over. Will Jack ask her out in time for Valentine’s Day?

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I got great news this morning, we need to take an afternoon trip across town for an offsite meeting and Jack has asked me for a lift. Not one to waste an opportunity, I have started keeping a bottle of Absolute Aromas Romance Essential Blend in my glove box, otherwise known as the natural alternative to enhance the mood, this powerful blend includes Rose, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. What I tend to do is pop a few drops of whatever oil my mood requires on the mat of the car and allow the natural benefits infuse as I drive without inhaling the synthesized alternative. On my break, I nip out to my car and pour a few drops onto each of my car mats so that the mood is set for when Jack and I set off on our journey. I hear someone calling me so quickly drop the little bottle into the side pocket and head back inside.


Stacey is giving me a lift to a meeting we have this afternoon and I am looking forward to getting a little bit of time alone to suss out if she has made any plans for Valentines yet. Five minutes before we are due to leave I am waiting at the door for her. I start to feel butterflies similar to the ones that flutter up before a first date and admittedly begin to have the dreadful thoughts of ‘have I been stood up’, when I see this ball of multi-coloured yarn speed around the corner and feel a little smile appear on my lips.


On the never-ending journey through the carpark, I am aware that my mouth seems to be moving, but I have no idea what is coming out of it. I am too chuffed with the little plan I have hatched and cannot wait to get Jack into the car! As soon as I open the door I am met by a waft and am slightly bemused by the strength of it until I notice the uncapped, upside down, empty bottle that I had tossed haphazardly into the door compartment a couple of hours previously. Sugar.


We chatted away on the journey to the meeting. It was a bit difficult to hear Stacey sometimes as I had to have the window open full blast. Don’t get me wrong her car smelt nice it was just a bit much. It was kind of weird too because she didn’t even have an air freshener so I have no idea where the aroma came from. When we are walking into the meeting, I suddenly notice that I am feeling tingly and invigorated. Maybe it’s because of the extra espresso shot in my coffee this morning or maybe it’s because I now know Stacey is free this weekend!


Well I am pretty sure my whole plan has come to a premature end. Jack spent the entire car journey hanging out of the window, the wind catching his shimmery hair in such a manner that he reminded me of my aunt’s golden retriever Carlos. To be fair to him, he did try and keep some awkward conversation going. I noticed him smirk when I told him that I don’t have any plans for the weekend. I am sure he was having an inward giggle that his assumption had been backed up, who on earth would ask out a flower smelling, crochet wearing disaster. The whole thing is giving me a bit of an upset stomach so I have been chomping on Quest Tum Biotix since. Looks like my Valentines day will be spent with my old pal pizza after all. Paleo of course, I’m not ready to close the door on my new found healthy lifestyle just yet.



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