About Us

Hi we’re Wholefoods,

Ireland’s largest and longest established wholesaler of natural products and healthcare. From our distribution facility based in Dublin, we are a nationwide Irish wholesale distributor of over 8,000 products lines and represent the leading market brands.

Today, we live in a world that has been taken over by poor health, where more and  more people are being diagnosed with cardio vascular disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer every day.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality natural products and  make them readily available to you, so that together we can become a stronger and healthier nation.


Humble beginnings

In 1983, out of the garage of his home in Carlow, Quentin Gargan founded Wholefoods Wholesale Ltd. Shipping sacks of rice and beans from London, to stock his own three health stores, he had no idea of what he was starting. Thus began our journey.

We are proud to be doing business for over 30 years in this fantastic industry. We have seen our company and our customers survive through two recessions and still come out fighting as strong as ever. Why? Because we and all of our retail customers offer a service that people need by providing excellent products and sound advice in a professional and ethical manner.
We take great pride in being one of Ireland’s largest and longest established wholesale distributor of natural products and healthcare with good reason. Wholefoods has played a major role in shaping the natural products and health care industry in Ireland. Retailer outlets have grown from self-service side street stores 30 years ago, to vibrant main street stores, with the help of our expert knowledge, ability to adapt and extensive range of products.

As a company, we boast over 8,000 product lines, 2,200 customers nationwide, a dynamic team of 70 employees and a new state of the art warehouse that extends to 45,000sqft. Our integrated approach to business supports the needs of both our customers and our suppliers.

Throughout all the changes over the years we have still managed to keep the ethos of a family run business. We look forward to making many more friends in business and to continue to promote healthy living in a professional, friendly and very importantly, fun way!

The Wholefoods Team